Thursday Update

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I have had a few low spend days this week.  I did treat myself to lunch out on Tuesday which cost £7.50.  I would have been better to have put the money towards the debt, but I needed something to pick me up.

My wife has been transferred to the same city I work in so she is able to come in with me which is helpful for her, also the staff are friendlier.  It is a lot better for her health.  I purchased a bus pass for nearly £300 which started a couple of weeks ago which lasts for 13 weeks.  Now I have the car and take my wife to work I no longer need the car.  I contacted the bus company and upon receipt of the pass they have agreed to refund the portion remaining on the bus pass less £10 admin fee.  This is very appreciated and will help the finances.

We received Child Benefit for my son this month and I think there may be another two or three payments to go before it stops.  He is taking his exams and, subject to grades, will be going to the local college.  If he does I think they will then extend Child Benefit.

My daughter is currently taking her year 1 exams at university and should receive the results in a couple of weeks.

I usually carry a week’s holiday forward at work to the new holiday year but this year have decided not to.  I decided yesterday to take next week off.  Monday is Bank Holiday so this helps.  I return to work on Wednesday 5 June and then I have the final week of June booked as a week off also.  Next week will be spent doing jobs at home but mainly in the garden, assuming the weather is fine.

I will update my debt figures in the next few days.  Tomorrow is pay day.  It is usually the 27th but this is a Bank Holiday.

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