Closer than yesterday

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Closer than yesterday

Today is October 27th.  The month is coming to a close and we are only two months away from the end of the year.  The days and weeks pass very quickly.  This is one of my usual comments but it remains as true as ever.

I have had a week off work this week.  I went on a day out which was enjoyable and ment I was away from home.  Housework hs been done this week and one or two other small jobs.

I am currently enoying a coffee in the garden centre and the area where Iam sitting is currently empty and quiet.  As with each week I hve off I always think I am going to get a lot of things done.  In reality it never works out like this because jobs take longer than planned.

I am still working on the insurance site and have quite a lot of work to do on this because I will be happy launching it.  This site has taken a lot longer than I had planned because ‘life’ gets in the way.  As the picture states I am one step closer to where I want to be than I was yesterday.  It’s a marathon not a sprint.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had at work on Christmas Eve in 2017 when I said I wanted to be working for myself by the following Christmas.  It is almost two years since I made the comment and Iam still working for the same company.

I have a lot of plans for the rest of this year and into 2018 which I need to becaome a reality.  It is almost the time of year which Idon’t like.  I don’t mind it getting darker earlier, but I dislike driving in the dark.  It means for four months I have to drive home in the dark.  Working from home would mean I wouldn’t need to do this.

I feel frustrated tht I am still not working for myself and haven’t achieved what I wnt to.  I was going to say that Ihaven’t achieved my dreams.  However, it is goals I need to achieve.  A goal is a dream with a date where you want to achieve something.

I need to put some structure in my weeks so I dedicate a set time for the various things I need to achieve.

  1. libby guess

    Mark, this has been going on for years now. Unless you get your act together you will be in that call centre until you retire, by which time it will be too late to realise your dream. I don’t wish to be harsh as I know you try hard but, please heed my words and just do it.

    I wish you well.

    Libby x

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