Sunday 20 January 2019

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Napolean Hill Quote


I am not doing badly posting this year, compared with last year and hope to post regularly.

I have an app on my phone which gives daily inspirational quotes from Napolean Hill. This week I have spent a few evenings trying to find software which will meet my needs for the site I am building for my client.  I have contacted a few companies and now have two options which I have been advised will work.  One is about £350 each year and the other is £250.  The cheaper one has a live demo site where I can try things out.  I am hoping this will work due to the difference in price.

I was at work and had some training last week.  This week I have a week’s holiday.  There are many things I need to do, maybe not want to do, but I need to get on with them.

Just a short post this week.  The week has been tied up with the things mentioned above and also my brother-in-law has flown back to the UK for a week to see his parents.  It’s a 23 hours flight so he was quite tired with the flight and the 12 hour time difference.

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