Saturday 26 January – Our only limitations …

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I have been on holiday this week.  I was hoping to make more progress but it took a while to find and review software which I need to build the current website.  I purchased various software packages this week.  One of them is not doing what I need it to.  I have contacted their support team and hope to have a response on Monday.  I have worked hard this week and feel frustrated that this project is taking longer than I wanted and I was hoping to be a lot further forward.

It has been good to see my brother-in-law over the last few days.  He is on his way home on various flights and total flying time is around 26 hours, not allowing for the stops.

I purchased a three pack of the BT Whole Home WiFi dishes this week.  They work very well.  We used to have poor reception in one part of our stone property but this seems to be resolved.  Once set up, the dishes work out where you are and move you across to the closest dish.  You don’t notice this happening and is very good.

My daughter announced this week she is getting married in August in the UK and then having a celebration in Spainfor her fiancees family.  My son announced he is moving to Germany later this year.  Once he moves out, the house will be a lot quieter and the bills will be lower.


I am back to work on Monday and not looking forward to it.  I will push ahead with my project so I can work for myself as soon as possible.

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