Almost the end of March

The clocks go forward tonight.  I always find it easier to get motivated when the evenings are lighter.

I have updated the mortgage figure for this month and it has decreased more than usual.  I had some extra money which I was able to put towards the mortgage.  This totalled £172.50

This will reduce the amount of interest I pay on the mortgage.  We are hoping to have at least £110 spare per month to put against the mortgage.  We can make overpayments of almost £9,000 each year according to the regulations we signed up for when we started the mortgage.

If we can continue this we would save over £1,500 in interest during the term and reduce the term by one year and five months.

I have been working on my business website and hope to have this live by the end of next week.  Building the website is fairly easy it is researching and writing the content which takes the time.  I would like to get

I want to get the business going for two reasons.  One is to make overpayments on the mortgage while I continue my job and in the long term to leave my job and concentrate on the business.  My job is becoming very stressful because they keep changing things and keep telling you that certain things cannot now be done.  They are also introducing targets again after removing them about five years ago when they said they were a waste of time and not good for motivation.I estimate over 50% of the staff in my department would like to leave the job, which equate to over 100 people.

I am going to get on with the website now and will report in again on another day.

It’s time to move forward with my plans

March is here already and the year seems to be going as fast as last year.

I have updated the mortgage figure for February.  The payment for March has already left our account along with an overpayment of £50.  The outstanding figure after this month’s payment won’t be available on the lender’s website for another week.

I have just finished annual leave and have to return to work tomorrow until Easter week.  I have managed to complete some jobs around the home and am now building a website which should be live in the next couple of weeks.

Work does not get any better and never will.  We were busy just before my week off and I hope it should have quietened down a bit when I return.  There is a possibility that the company might lose a contract next March.  It was not renewed last time and was just extended.  They have already moved some high value work to another company.  From what we were told years ago, if we lose the contract then it could affect up to 40 jobs.  It will be about one year before all the related work moved.

I am wanting to build another more in-depth website when I have finished my current one and also add at least one online course through #Udemy or a similar site.

It’s the time of year when you hope that there will be no more snow and that we will get good spring and summer weather.  It is good that the evenings are getting lighter and it will be even better at the end of the month when the clocks go forward.

Almost the End of January

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Three weeks of the year have already flown by.  At least the weather has been good nd we have had hardly any snow.

I had just over a week off from work and spent a lot of time completing jobs around the home.  There is always something to do.  I nmanaged to spend some time building my website and I anticipate this being live in the next couple of weeks.  The problem is the site is on the laptop which i need to access to.  Without being able to use it I cannt work on the site.

I have spent time recently watching some training videos and reading some material.  There is so much I need to learn.

I return to work recently and when you walk in the office door it felt like a wave of depression hitting you.  I need to continue to work on my goals so I can escape.

I am trying to get all my websites to be secure and it is taking time sorting this out.  I have so many thoughts about the business Iam trying to start thqt I need to write them down and review them.

I finally completed the tax return and have received a tax refund.  Ihave been purchasing softwae and training materials for the business but have yet to start selling and providing ian income.

I have updated the mortgage figure.

I have started keeping notes and comments on Penzu which is an online diary system  I have been doing this every day this year and plan to keep this up.  I am finding it useful and also I can revew my comments at any time.

Ready to start the New Year

I find it hard to believe the years go by.  It is already almost the end of 2016.  The time just seems to fly past.  I trust everyone had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to 2017.

I have updated the mortgage figure for December and it is now under £80,000.  It has decreased by about £6,000 over the last year.  I have been playing with he mortgage overpayment calculator and if we could pay off £200 extra per month the mortgage would be finished in about five years.  If only we had that sort of money spare each month.

I have spent the few days I had off over Christmas trying to catch up on lots of emails and getting my mailbox clear.  This has proved successful and I am trying to catch up with other paperwork jobs.  I must male a start on the Self Assessment in the next few days because this has to be completed online by the end of January.

I have started using Todist which is great for compiling your list of jobs and then having the satisfaction of crossing them off online or on the app when I have completed them.

We are going to be replacing our bathroom at some stage.  I don’t know when this will be.  We have bought floor tiles ready and these were clearance at £2.50 per box of nine which covers one square metre.  We bought three boxes extra for the cuts and in case any get damaged because the range  is discontinued, hence the low price.

I do not have any time off for New Year apart from New Year’s Day which is my normal day off anyway.

I am currently compiling my goals for next year and putting dates against them so I can measure how I perform against them.  I have broken them done into manageable size goals rather than one big goal which might take months to complete.

The statement at the top of the post is there to motivate me any my readers to try and achieve their dreams.  I wish you all a Happy New Year and success in 2017.