Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday afternoon again and my usual visit to a quiet coffee shop in a garden centre.  This allows me to get away from home and reflect on how things are going in my life.

Later this week we are supposed to hear about work whether they will change our hours and force us to go fully variable.  This means 35 hours per week between 8am and 9pm seven days.  I hope my hours stay the same apart from a Wednesday when I have offered to work a late shift and I work six hours every other wek-end which day and time they rota me for.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to have my insurance site by the end of August.  This will not happen.  I need to create a liting of all companies and then departments and phone numbers, etc.  I purchased some software which Ithought would be useful and I struggled to work out what Ineeded to do.  I asked for a refund and received this and tried more software wihch was useless.  I have now re-purchased the originl software and the support team have given me detailed instructions of what I need to do to achieve the desired effect.  Unfortunately I have wasted two weeks trying to work it out myself.

I still have other pages to create and gather information for so the initial ‘go live’ date is no longer achievable.  I am going to aim for Saturday 30 September.  When the site goes live there will still be more work to do before I am happy with the site.  There will always be changes and updates to make and thee are always things which can be improved.

I have recently changed our electricity provider because our fixed deal came to an end.  We are now paying about 7 pounds per month before but prices went up earlier this year.  We are now fixed until August 2019.  We have renewed our LPG contract which runs for two years.  They have reduced the price and discounted the first order I place after the renewal.  The price is fixed for the first year and after that they can only increase the price by either 3 or 5 pence in a six month period.  I can’t remember the exact figure.

I continue to press on toward my goal of being self employed and am working hard in the evenings to achieve this.  I looked at  a job website to see if there are anyjobbs Ican move to in the interim but there is nothing available at present.

Progress is being made


It’s been about ten weeks since I last posted.  I was hoping to post earlier but I have been busy.  I haven’t ignored the comment from my last post.  The comment was spot on and I should be running my own business by now.  I have posted a lot previously but have produced very little action.  Since posting last I have been working very hard on one of the business ideas and spent hours collecting and collating data from various websites onto a spreadsheet.  I have been busy, and still am, adding contents to the site.

The site will be a source of information about insurance.  I know insurance is boring but if I make it easy to understand I hope to become the site to go to if you need help or information.  I will provide further details about the type of insurance when the site goes live because I don’t want my idea stolen.  The site will provide relevant information in a simplified term because the insurance policy booklet can be quite confusing. There will be a facility to search for the phone numbers and email addresses of your insurer and the department you need.  This information is what I have spent time collating because there are over 110 websites I had to trawl through.

Making money from this site will be from the affiliate links to insurers.  e.g. you click through on the link to the insurer or comparison site and make a purchase and I receive a commission payment.  Also there wil be links to other companies selling products related to home safety and smart home, such as lights and heating controlled from anywhere by your phone or tablet.

I will be introducing a newsletter and also there will be a podcast.  Once the site becomes established I hope to get the podcast sponsored which is what some other entrepreneurs do.  I had the idea for this site in 2012 and it is now five years later and it is still not ready.  I aim to have at least part of the site live by 31 August and will formally launch the site later in the year.  Another idea is to have a forum on the site where people can discuss the subject or ask questions, similar to moneysavingexpert.com

I have started my web design business and need to advertise this to generate some customers.  My prices for a website with basic functionality is very reasonable.  Some of the larger players would charge a couple of thousand pounds whereas my price would be about 300 pounds. (Currently typing on a bluetooth keyboard which does not have a pound sign).

I have some other ideas which I need to work on during the evening.  I usually only get to spend about two hours each evening working on the business.  I make a declaration each day about where I want to be and what Iwant to have achieved by the end of 2018.  If you read this aloud twice a day it goes into your subconscious mind and affects your decision.  I read this in a book by Napoleon Hill.

Working for myself is going to become a reality.  I have set myself a target to have all debt, including the mortgage, paid off by the end of November 2018 and also have a fair amount of money saved.  I also want to finish work by the end of 2018 at the latest.

I have incurred some costs for the sites I am building because I have had to buy software but hope to make the money back from purchases and click throughs.

I am currently sitting in a very quiet coffee shop in a garden centre typing this.  It is good to get out of home and have some thinking time.  If I was at home I would be doing jobs.

I will continue pressing towards my goals and some point in the not to distant future I will be working for myself.  I am feeling very positive and thankful for the previous comment which made me realise I was procrastinating.


May Bank Holiday

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Where has the time gone?  It is already the Bank Holiday at the end of May.  It is hard to believe it is almost two months since I last posted.  Where does the time go?  We are nearly halfway through the year already.  I seem to be busy these days with various jobs to do.

I have spent time removing all the old soil and stones off the flat roof and painted it with solar reflective paint.  I need to purchase some limestone chippings to put on there.  I have spent time working on part of the garden and cut some branches which were hanging down from a couple of trees.  They haven’t been trimmed for years.  The weather has been extremely hot for the last week or two.

My website went live about four or five weeks ago.  I have been active trying to advertise the website by free means to try to generate business.  I knew the business would not be like lighting a touchpaper, it is going to be slow to build up a customer base.

I need to work on my other website which I have been wanting to launch for a few years.  It is not as straightforward as my current website.  This one will have lots of pages and information.  Therefore it takes a lot of research.  I can see progress but it is quite slow progress.

The mortgage figure is coming down and I have made a few small overpayments and the outstanding amount is under £77,800.  No matter how small the overpayment is it will reduce the overall amount of interest I pay over the time remaining.  Obviously I am wanting to try and generate extra money from my business which can be put towards the mortgage.

Work is still plodding along although I detest the job I do.  The goalposts seem to change quite often.  They are changing the way any annual bonus is earned from this year.  Therefore there are targets we have to meet although they keep telling us that we do not have any targets.  From what I have experienced and seen it appears that other departments are fine to work for.  It just appears to be my department.

I am getting frustrated that I cannot find another job and leave or find another method of generating my salary each month.  We have six people leaving this month to move to another department within the company and one person leaving to take up an external job.  This puts pressure on the remaining people and then people start to take time off with stress.

Every day is precious.  We need to use each day wisely because we will not get the time again.  It would be good to move forward and press on and aim high.  If we don’t set goals to achieve then we will never achieve them and just carry on as we are.  The goals need to have mini goals to achieve on the way to achieving the main goal.

Let’s aim high!

The Future – Pressing On Towards the Goal

Picture of the countryside

The Present Position

I have been thinking about the future and making plans to press forward.  I am looking forward to going live with my website.  I mentioned in my last post to have it ready by the end of March.  I didn’t achieve this because there are some tweaks and other things I need to process on the site.

It shouldn’t be too long before the site is live now!  I have had a logo and business cards designed, so it is good to go on that front.

Really fed up with my current job and the changes they are making.  The pressure seems to get worse week to week and it is becoming stressful.

I am waiting for this month’s mortgage payment to leave the account tomorrow.  The mortgage company have already added this month’s interest to the outstanding amount.  This month we have a couple of nights away in a hotel, thanks to a Clubcard deal.  Total cost to us for two nights bed and breakfast is £5.  We will have to buy meals elsewhere to save money.

I have occasions when all I want to do is sit and think of the future and how I can prepare for it and what ideas I can put into motion.  I have a week off work in just over one week and need to get on with jobs around the home.  I am making progress and staying focus.

A Thought Provoking Story

I received an email today with a story.  It is thought provoking so I have copied it to this post.

Sit back and imagine you won the following prize.

Every morning at 6:30 a.m. your bank deposits $86,400.00 into your bank account.

But there’s a catch, of course. This prize has rules you must follow.

Rule #1: You have 24 hours to spend the money. You can’t transfer it to another account or give it away.

Any money remaining in your account at 5:59 a.m. is removed from your account.


The next morning at 6:00 a.m, the bank opens your account with another $86,400.00.

Rule #2: The game will end one day without warning. You won’t have any idea when this is going to happen, but it will.

At some point in the future you will wake up, and the account will no longer exist.

How would you react to this bottomless account?

Here’s my guess for how this could work:

Day One: You pay off all your debt, then head to Amazon and buy anything and everything you desire, and go to bed content and excited for the morning.

Day Two: You’d be more strategic about spending all of the $86,400, so you’d think bigger. To do this, you would buy yourself a Tesla or some other luxury item you’ve been dreaming about owning. With anything

Day Three: You could move onto buying things for your family.

Eventually, you would buy things for strangers and charities because you couldn’t possibly spend it all on yourself.

You would try your best to blow every last penny. Why wouldn’t you?

But eventually, it would become a chore to spend this money every day.

Plus who cares if you spend a few days laying around on the couch watching Netflix — there’s always more money tomorrow, right?

Here’s the thing, each of us is in possession of such an account, we just can’t seem to see it.

Every morning we wake up and have time — 86,400 seconds to be exact — and when we go to sleep at night all unused time disappears.

What we haven’t used up is lost. Forever.

No matter what you can charge for your time, you can never buy yourself more of it. But you can maximize how you are using it.


We only have one chance at life so we need to use every opportunity we have and to make them count.

Let’s make a difference to our lives and someone else’s life.