November 28th 2017

Today is the first time I have posted without an image at the top of the page.  I haven’t had time to find one.

After a break of about four weeks I am back at my favourite garden centre restaurant and it is nice and quiet.  I haven’t been here recently because of major roadworks and long queues.  Roadworks are ongoing in the area but this no longer affects my route.

Last week I traded in my Android tablet to Currys.  I probably could have got more money by selling it on eBay but I would have had more hassle.  I would have had to package it and then take it to be posted and then the thought of it might get lost in the post.  Also the buyer might have had an issue.  In the end I chose the easiest option.  I now have a Lenovo which is a tablet but also has a keyboard which it clips into.  Plus it is Windows and easier to use for the purpose I need it.  Also the keyboard is a lot better to type on than the Bluetooth one I used for the tablet and it has the £ sign!

I spent a fair amount of money over the week-end because I needed various software and took the opportunity to purchase it while they had good discounts on.  I bought quite a few different software packages but they will all be used in the businesses I am starting.

I have considered various options regarding my pension because I am at the age where I can withdraw some and continue working.  It is more cost effective to overpay the amount on the mortgage which I am allowed to each year and pay income tax on 75% of the withdrawal.  The only issue is the withdrawal is worked out at various tax bands and therefore I have overpaid tax.  I completed the form today to get the overpayment back.  When I spoke to the tax office they said it can take 30 days for them to process the form.  I should receive the pension money in my account in the next few days.

I have been busy opening various bank accounts.  I will pay off the full amount I am allowed this tax year on the mortgage and save the rest.  I already have a regular saver account with Nationwide so will feed as much into that account each month as I am allowed.  I will open a regular saver with First Direct.  I have opened a TSB account so that I can open a regular saver account with them and a current account with Tesco which pays good interest.

I am still working on my insurance site abd this is now taking shape.  Another few weeks and i will be ready to launch.  The date has been put back one last time and I will have it launched by the end of the year.  i hate this time of the year with dark nights because after a day at work and a drive home I start feeling tired quite early.  Probably my age.  😉

My daughter and her fiancée are moving in with us for a few weeks while their property purchase goes through.

i have been trying to decide which online storage to use for my business documents and I have decided to use Onedrive because I got a good two year deal on Microsoft Office 365 when I purchased the tablet.  i have just had to purchase a new PC as well because our old one was put together by someone and keeps crashing with a blue screen.  The replacement PC was on a good deal with £180 off.  both myself and my wife use the PC.


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