January 5th 2019

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We are five days into January and I need to update my progress on a more regular basis.  Last year whizzed past.  Time seems to go so quickly.  I have a weekly email reminder to write a post but there is usually other things to do.  I only posted three times last year and had hoped to post more than the year before.


We ended up purchasing a second car in March last year for my daughter.  The car was nine years old and had only had about 40,000 miles on the odometer.  The car was newer than hers, which she still has.  Since March we have increased the mileage by under 4,000.  The car only gets used when I am on a different shift to my wife. 


I started growing seeds last year to sell.  I have three of the plastic type greenhouses.  Sowing the seeds is quite quick.  It is the time it takes to transplant the seedlings into 9 cm pots.  Some of the seed trays have about 900 seedlings.  The intention is to advertise and sell the plants as they grow.  We had a burst of snow a few weeks ago and unfortunately the two large greenhouses do not have a supporting bar from front to back.  The weight of the snow bent the bars which go from side to side and have ruined the greenhouses.  I managed to retrieve a lot of the plants and moved them to the third greenhouse which has the supporting bar.

When the weather warms up the plants will begin to grown.  The issue I am finding is lack of greenhouse space.   The cost of a proper greenhouse is quite expensive and I have seen an 8 feet by 10 feet for about £800.

I am currently building an online shop website for a client and assisting with preparing the content and this is taking quite some time.  There are a lot of images to prepare for the web.

I have an insurance information website which is active and is still being added to.  However, this is on hold because I am working on the client site.

The mortgage is gradually reducing and is now under £58,000.  I have updated the figures on the mortgage page.  I need to try and update the balance on a monthly basis.

I recently twisted my back and had to take a couple of days off work.  It was uncomfortable and not very easy to manoeuvre and I certainly couldn’t get to work.  I used the time wisely and spent time working on the client’s site.


I changed roles at work in July into a better role which I was enjoying.  Unfortunately, the company decided to outsource the role of the team from 1 January.  Therefore, I have had to return to my old role which I dislike.  There are quite a number of complaints in this role and some callers are not very nice.

At present, I am spending as much time as I can working on my other projects in the hope that I can leave my job and work for myself by the end of the year.  I need to generate a lot of extra income because my official retirement date is just under eleven years away and I have got hardly any savings in my pension pot.   Also, I have to contribute to a wedding this year.


We tried to sell our property but had no joy because of a small holding next to us.  People are uncertain what this will turn into.  We have lived here many years and have never had any issues and do not anticipate there being any in the future.

I have been listening to two different books by Chris Hogan – Retire Inspired and Everyday Millionaires.  These books motivate me into action to get something done.  They make me thing of where I could be financially if I had known what I know do and read similar books many years ago.

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