January 11 -Moving Forward

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This is the first week of my new hours.   They are absolutely terrible.   I had to travel in with my wife on Monday because I was on a late shift and she had to wait for two and a half hours at the end of her shift to take me home. I had to catch the bus on Tuesday and I started work at 8am.   My wife had a dental appointment and needed the car.   I had to leave home at 5:25am to walk to the bus stop.   The next bus would not have got me to work on time.   I was tired during the evening.


Wednesday shift was not quite as bad and I am off today and tomorrow and working on Saturday.   So far this week I have visited Costa every day mainly due to my working hours.    It took me two hours to get home last night because I had to wait for the bus.  I haven’t done a lot today because I have been chilling and resting after three busy days.


About 18 months ago I had a sense of urgency to do something and didn’t really progress anything.   As Libby says I should have  been working for myself a long time ago.


I was working on A course to build websites and learn programming.   I have put this on holD.   It is good to learn this but without work coming in it will not earn me money.


I  spent evenings last week working on my insurance site and made good progress.   I stand a better chance of earning some money when I launch it, than finding people to build websutes for.  I am determined it will be launched in the next few weeks.

I had planned on using my Windows tablet before work on Monday but I couldn’t get it to sign in to Wi-Fi.   This is absolutely no good because I need to get on with the business side when I have free time.   I have purchased a Lenovo Android tablet this afternoon and this connected first time.   With the windows issue I contacted Microsoft technical support and they remoted on to the tablet.   They found no issues becauseI I was using the home Wi-Fi.   They can’t remote in when I have the issues due to it not connecting to the internet.   This is what I call a catch 22 situation.

This will be the year when things change for me.   I resolved not to waste time on silly things but to do things which make a difference.   At the moment I am doing quite well keeping to this.

  1. Libby Guess

    Mark, you have wasted so much time on ‘silly’ things. Can’t you discuss your working hours with your employer? Explain the transport problems to them and if they cannot co-operate with you find another job! The money you are wasting on bus fares and Costa alone must be sapping your earnings. Think outside the box and start a new career. Window cleaning business, gardener or start up a domestic cleaning company with your wife. All low overheads and cash in hand. You sound a really nice man, too nice perhaps and I don’t wish to bully you but have followed your ‘progress’ for a number of years and nothing seems to be changing.

    I wish you well.


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