It’s the middle of October

I’ve no idea where the year has gone.

I have hardly posted this year due to being busy.

Since I last posted I have been moved into a different role at work for four months and this is due to end next month.  I’m hoping they keep me in my current role because I am enjoying it and disliked the other role.

In other news, the mortgage, after the October payment, is £59,692.86  It’s coming down but I would like to see it cleared.

The web design and insurance websites are going okay.  There is always something to do to update them.  I am busy growing plants and have two greenhouses.  I planted a lot of seeds which have germinated and these are being moved into pots from the seed trays.  We bought some reduced wallflowers last autumn and planted these in the garden.  In September, they seeded.  I planted some of the seeds, there are a lot in a pod.  I have over three trays to re-pot and there are at least 300 seedlings in a tray.  It’s a long job.  Also I am running out of room in the greenhouses.  I had to weight them down because of the winds we had a few weeks back.  One of the fence panels broke and a post has moved in the ground.  I will have to re-cement the post and put in the spare panel we have.

Next week I am not at work so need to sort out the fence, clean the gutters, re-pot seedlings and clear up the leaves.  We purchased a leaf blower last october and have never used.  It also vacuums the leaves.

We wil probably have days out as well as doing jobs.  I have various ideas to make money but time is of the essence.

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