It’s almost the middle of the year

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Garden with flowers

The last entry I made was five months ago.  I have a weekly reminder to post and just delete it due to other things happening.  I keep meaning to post but there are things which are most important, such as gardening, etc.

Our property is currently on the market and has been for two months.  We last tried to sell in 2013 and was on the market for two years and had four people view the property.  The agent we used at the time was useless.  We had more views in the first two weeks this time.  We were trying to move closer to our jobs so there would be about a ten minute drive to work.

We haven’t had any offers yet. Our property is sensibly priced but we live near a smallholding which is a little untidy which we feel puts people off.  Some viewers have made that comment to the agent also.  I have been on variable shifts for the last six months and this has proved difficult, especially in the first couple of months.  When I was on an early start I had to leave home over two and a half hours before my shift started to catch two buses and arrive at work on time.  When I was on a late shift I had to stay in a Travelodge.  Things are easier at present because we have two cars.  One was purchased to give to my daughter because her car is quite old.  She refused the ar and hence we still have it and are using it for the shifts mentioned above.

We took out a PCP on our main car at the end of December and had major problems with the dealer.  We are still awaiting a payment from them now which they promised.  The manufacturer did not want to get involved apart from emailing the dealer because they are a franchise.  The manufacturer has now closed their file and won’t reopen it and we still await the payment from the dealer.  I took out a personal loan with M&S because the PCP was quite high.  The APR was 15.9% and the loan is 5.8%.  The loan runs for five years but we will own the car at the end.  Also, the loan is not secured against the car.

The mortgage is coming down and is now just over £61,000.  If we move it will increase again because the property is bigger.  We might need the extra rooms to accommodate the in-laws.  They have their own property but one of them has fairly bad dementia and it is wearing the other down.  They could then come and stay with us when they wanted.

I am working on my business ideas and moving forward and have one or two other ideas.

I will try and post more often because it helps me to keep a record of events.


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