Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Time


It’s Christmas time again.  Happy Christmas!

Another year is coming to an end and in just over one week it will be 2018.  Where do the years go?  The older I get the quicker the years go.

I have spent the last few weeks working on a course learning programming for building websites from scratch.  My information site got put on the back burner because I had an allotted time when I had to complete it.  Also my wife was unexpectedly taken into hospital and had to have  a major operation.  This through my plans out of the window.

I went for a job interview this week and haven’t heard the outcome yet.  If I get offered the job I am 99% certain I will decline the offer.  There are at least 18 roles available.  You work night shifts and one week-end work day shifts.  I was informed that the role had been created because they had won a contract and they need 24 hour cover to fulfil the contract.  I have since read that the contract they received is for up to three years.  My concern is job security.  If they lose the contract before three years or they do not win the tender in three years time I don’t think there will be a job.

My current job is secure, albeit I am going to variable shifts in  a couple of weeks.

This next year I want to work harder than this year and I want to meet a lot of the goals I am currently setting for myself.  I am spending a couple of days taking stock of where I am and where I want to be.  I am writing down my goals and making a list of the things I need to do to achieve my goals.

I withdrew some of my pension money and made a capital repayment on the mortgage.  I have paid £8,800 extra which is the maximum allowed per mortgage year.  I wanted to keep the monthly instalment the same but they would not do this.  I have set up an automated payment to transfer the money to a savings account with the Post Office.  I need to keep this money to either use for a pension later or to put towards paying off the mortgage when I can.  Our LPG cost has decreased from this month so that will also go into the savings account.

The current mortgage amount is £64,118.45.

  1. Libby Guess

    Sorry to hear about your wife, hope she is now fully recovered. Worrying times, as my husband has just had open heart surgery and it is a long haul back to normality.

    I hope that 2018 proves more positive for you and you reach your goals and ambitions.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy, healthy New Year.

    Very best regards.


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