15 February

The website for the client is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  I have spent the past few weeks working on.

Things are moving in the right direction.


I’m arranging to transfer one of my stocks and shares ISA to my other one.  I don’t feel there is any point in having funds in two different ones.  I completed the form and posted it this morning so I imagine it will take a few weeks to complete.

I am currently sitting in the library working on the business, apart from writing this entry.

I have been certified off work by the GP again next week.  I had a hearing test today and I have lost some of the top tones.  I have to attend a more in-depth test which is free.

It will soon be time to start work in the garden.  It has been milder this week.  There is a lot to do in the garden and there are a lot of leaves.  Some of these seem to have been blown by the wind.


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